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Web compatibility

The work we are tracking in this page focuses on tools and processes to deal with web compatibility issues where the priority has been set.

There is a list of bugs which have not been prioritized yet.

Webcompat P1 - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
92921 contenteditable should not replace linebreaks by <br> inside a <pre> DOM: Editor ASSIGNED P1 parity-chrome, parity-safari, topembed- Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900)
306344 Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code Layout NEW P1
390936 Implement Internet Explorer zoom property for css CSS Parsing and Computation REOPENED P1 parity-chrome, parity-edge, parity-ie, parity-safari
939897 [meta] Support shifting / splitting flex items between continuations of a fragmented flex container (flexbox content truncated when printing) Layout: Flexbox NEW P1 meta
1123938 [meta] Make viewport handling consistent with other browsers Layout NEW P1 compat, meta, mobile, parity-chrome, parity-ie
1381071 Consider caching getComputedStyle styles in display: none subtrees. CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P1 perf Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio)
1443863 Implement support for AV1 Still Image File Format (AVIF) ImageLib ASSIGNED P1 dev-doc-needed, feature, nightly-community Jon Bauman [:jbauman:]
1446642 Cant talk or hear anyone on discord WebRTC: Audio/Video NEW P1
1456885 Not able to use Voice for Google Docs Integration due to missing SpeechRecognition support Desktop NEW P1 webcompat:site-wait
1498512 Enable by default setSinkId pref Audio/Video NEW P1 dev-doc-needed Karl Tomlinson (back Feb 1 :karlt)
1520297 Preload Intermediates on Android Security: PSM NEW P1
1521655 [meta] Support client-side printing in Google Docs and GSuite (Google Workspace) Printing: Setup NEW P1 meta
1524772 Webcompat: Offline unavailable in Gmail Desktop NEW P1 webcompat:contact-ready
1615852 broken `<br>` workaround in `<div contenteditable="true">` with bad side effects (also affects Google Sheets) DOM: Editor NEW P1
1619550 Video plays with only sound and no visual but a black screen on Android Audio/Video: Playback REOPENED P1 John Lin [:jhlin][:jolin]
1637922 Consider disabling dom.netinfo.enabled on mobile General NEW P1 dev-doc-needed Karl Dubost💡 :karlcow
1651588 Text deleted in contenteditable="true" element on drag and drop DOM: Editor NEW P1
1653882 <input> doesn't fire document mouse events when disabled DOM: Core & HTML ASSIGNED P1 Kagami :saschanaz
1667348 Blob isolation regresses sandboxed iframe downloads Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW P1 regression
1680999 - Instant browser crash Graphics NEW P1
1738134 Google Sheets ignores first Ctrl+Enter newline when entering text in a cell Desktop NEW P1 webcompat:site-wait
1739489 Emoji input via macOS IME crashes Draft.js editors - impacts Desktop NEW P1 regression

22 Total; 22 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat P2 - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
307866 min-width/min-height/max-width/max-height does not work for table elements Layout: Tables NEW P2 css2, testcase Mats Palmgren (inactive)
359481 redesign percentage height handling and height distribution in tables Layout: Tables NEW P2
385615 {inc} style of :first-letter used to erroneously calculate (intrinsic) width of element Layout NEW P2 regression, testcase
567039 support -moz-fit-content, and -moz-available for height/min-height/max-height (block axis) Layout NEW P2 dev-doc-needed
700533 drawImage() fails silently when drawing an SVG image without @width or @height SVG NEW P2
725221 setting .textContent to the same value it currently has causes invalidation Layout REOPENED P2 perf Olli Pettay [:smaug]
786382 Font inflation not consistent for elements with similar positions like in forums and tables, e.g. on Layout: Text and Fonts NEW P2
793686 [css3-multicol] Column balancing breaks page-break-inside:avoid child Layout: Block and Inline NEW P2 testcase
840640 [meta] Implement the HTML5 dialog element DOM: Core & HTML NEW P2 dev-doc-needed, DevAdvocacy, html5, meta, parity-chrome
865395 [meta][webvtt] Implement vtt css-extensions (::cue, ::cue-region, :past, :future) Layout NEW P2 dev-doc-needed, meta
966844 Consider hiding the spin buttons for <input type=number> when its width is too narrow, e.g. at Layout: Form Controls NEW P2
1274354 [meta] Date.parse, amirite JavaScript Engine NEW P2 DevAdvocacy, meta
1376061 Space around floated first-letter differs from that in Chrome and IE11 (in "drop caps" effect) Layout: Text and Fonts NEW P2
1403410 Checkbox has 3 states – empty / outlined / with check-mark. General ASSIGNED P2 Louis Chang [:louis]
1422891 [Rethink] Support mkv|matroska|video/x-matroska in Firefox Audio/Video: Playback UNCONFIRMED P2
1447524 Double session history entries from DOM: Navigation NEW P2
1455894 Need to teach selection about the flattened tree / frame tree instead of the light tree DOM: Core & HTML NEW P2
1470025 User Agent stylesheet default opacity for placeholder text Layout: Form Controls NEW P2 Karl Dubost💡 :karlcow
1484928 <img style="content: url()"> is not really interoperable Layout ASSIGNED P2 leave-open Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio)
1495868 Unprefix -moz-fit-content and -moz-available keywords Layout NEW P2 dev-doc-needed, site-compat
1521882 SVG without width/height specified has different intrinsic-sizing behavior in Chrome vs Firefox (e.g. in a float or in flexbox) Layout NEW P2 parity-chrome
1526207 Calling `drawImage` always throw `NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE` when drawing a video on android Canvas: 2D NEW P2 regression Sotaro Ikeda [:sotaro]
1528958 [Bing search page] - Functionality error of the back button attempting to return to the previous page after a searching term process Desktop NEW P2 webcompat:needs-diagnosis Thomas Wisniewski [:twisniewski]
1530097 [css-grid] Implement the "Increase sizes to accommodate spanning items crossing flexible tracks" step Layout: Grid NEW P2
1535985 `<datalist>` HTML element should display autocompletion drop-down UI General NEW P2 leave-open Makoto Kato [:m_kato]
1573990 z-index on `position:relative;display:inline` element also affects its {ib}-split block children. Layout: Block and Inline NEW P2
1578503 [filter-effects-2] Enable the CSS backdrop-filter property by default (letting it ride the trains to release) Layout NEW P2 dev-doc-needed, DevAdvocacy, parity-chrome, parity-edge, parity-safari
1592017 Empty display:inline div element has positive offsetHeight value Layout NEW P2
1593883 Allow content to handle Accel+N and Accel+T in Full Screen mode Keyboard Navigation UNCONFIRMED P2 parity-chrome
1638937 Firefox resolves the default "flex-basis" to 100% on svg elements that have viewBox (and no intrinsic size attributes) Layout: Flexbox NEW P2
1650436 Janky scrolling on with WebRender enabled Graphics: WebRender NEW P2 perf, regression
1679649 Transform transitions are broken in slideshow on (images just flash from one to the next), unless I disable Partial Prerender CSS Transitions and Animations ASSIGNED P2 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro)
1691825 Asynchronously read from clipboard in ClipboardItem.getType DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop NEW P2
1712122 Implement Promise support in the ClipboardItem constructor DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop NEW P2
1730666 LinkedIn video meetings not available for Firefox Desktop NEW P2 webcompat:site-wait
1735105 autoupgrade and block resources if they fail to load over https:// DOM: Security NEW P2
1735319 Pinch gesture triggers zoom of the viewport instead of zoom inside the webapp Panning and Zooming NEW P2
1737500 mailchimp setup pages fails on loading JavaScript: Internationalization API NEW P2 regression
1737541 Share button is blocked by PiP feature on Windows. DOM: Core & HTML NEW P2 regression
1741135 evernote - scrolling is blocked with scroll-snap-type: y proximity Panning and Zooming NEW P2
1743735 TouchEvent.targetTouches list saved on touchstart is empty on touchmove DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW P2
1748963 OOM error on Google slides Performance NEW P2

42 Total; 42 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat P3 - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
36539 Accessibility: Saving focus & selection in session history (back - forward should preserve focused/active link for keyboard navigation) DOM: Navigation REOPENED P3 access, embed, helpwanted, topembed-
137367 Implement orphans and widows Layout: Block and Inline NEW P3 css2, dev-doc-needed, parity-chrome, parity-edge, parity-ie, parity-opera-mini, parity-safari, testcase
144517 A frame is only created for the first of multiple table-captions, and only when at start (?) of table Layout: Tables NEW P3 css2, testcase
221154 table cells do not support 'overflow' correctly Layout: Tables NEW P3 css2, testcase Mats Palmgren (inactive)
266122 Outline applied on a multi-line element should encompass all the line boxes and stay connected Layout NEW P3 parity-chrome, parity-ie, parity-opera-mini, parity-safari
290125 [CSS21] floated :first-letter pseudo-element should act like normal inline (e.g., support line-height) Layout: Floats NEW P3 testcase
406488 Copy highlighted text to clipboard ignores non-inlined CSS styling when pasting as rich text (to HTML editors, MS Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) DOM: Serializers NEW P3 parity-chrome, testcase
445952 display:table-caption box in <td align=right> overflows Layout: Tables REOPENED P3 regression, testcase
489100 absolutely positioned child of relative inline containing block is positioned relative to only first line of inline Layout: Positioned NEW P3 parity-chrome
505521 Set screen coordinates during HTML5 drag event DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop ASSIGNED P3 DevAdvocacy, html5, parity-chrome, parity-ie, parity-safari Neil Deakin
651348 Multi-column doesn't balance properly with absolutely position images Layout: Block and Inline NEW P3
662496 autofocus not work when the element is added to the DOM after the document is done loading (e.g. in window.onload) DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
688556 Background of cell paints over border when borders are collapsed and tbody, row, or cell is relatively positioned Layout: Tables NEW P3
695868 Unable to set document.body.innerHTML of IFrame DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
713608 HTML5 Video controls are missing in Fullscreen Video/Audio Controls NEW P3
716524 'perspective' only affects child nodes, not further descendants Layout NEW P3
728151 Dynamically created iframe contents don't stay if script that creates iframe is dynamically created without src DOM: Core & HTML UNCONFIRMED P3
751292 Firefox windows build fails to highlight background of selected text on some "special" pages DOM: Selection NEW P3
759922 Tabindex cannot be applied to <img> tags on Mac DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW P3 regression
761236 InvalidAccessError from cssRules.length DOM: CSS Object Model NEW P3
774376 SVG descendant of <defs> don't have bounding box SVG NEW P3
827585 window.getSelection() returns null for hidden iframe DOM: Selection REOPENED P3 testcase
836897 Implement the WebMIDI API DOM: Device Interfaces NEW P3 dev-doc-needed
860666 font metrics of ::first-line erroneously used to calculate intrinsic width of entire element Layout: Block and Inline NEW P3 css2, testcase
878346 make transform="" a presentation attribute for the transform property SVG NEW P3
903746 Missing textinput event DOM: Events UNCONFIRMED P3
1043118 Do not select leading/trailing spaces on double clicking. DOM: Selection NEW P3
1199665 Consider making <input type=number> always fall back to parsing numbers as English formatted numbers if parsing them as numbers formatted using the user's locale fails Layout: Form Controls ASSIGNED P3 parity-chrome, parity-edge Jonathan Watt [:jwatt]
1259924 [quirks mode] mousemove fails because <body> element height doesn't fill the viewport Layout NEW P3 parity-chrome, parity-edge
1266140 Object.keys 50% slower than JavaScript Engine UNCONFIRMED P3
1267004 Offscreen elements cause scrollable overflow even if they are completely beyond the top or left edge of the scrollable area Layout NEW P3
1273010 Blocky and slow rendering on Firefox Android Nightly - filter: drop-shadow() Graphics ASSIGNED P3 perf Markus Stange [:mstange]
1291467 Implement contenteditable="plaintext-only" DOM: Editor NEW P3
1305387 No "input" event should be fired immediately after "compositionend" event DOM: Events NEW P3
1320588 JPEG with embedded ICC profile renders very dark GFX: Color Management NEW P3
1323005 css transform causes flickering on mouse drag Graphics UNCONFIRMED P3
1335627 In quirks mode, toplevel "height:calc(%)" is treated as "auto", unlike raw percent heights (which are honored) Layout NEW P3
1343705 WebGL: drawArraysInstancedANGLE with gl.POINTS not working Canvas: WebGL UNCONFIRMED P3
1362907 option text in select element with min-height is top aligned instead of centered Layout: Form Controls NEW P3
1367461 SVG background-images with preserveAspectRatio='none' render differently to Chrome/WebKit Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames NEW P3
1370630 preventDefault() on form.dispatchEvent(new Event('submit'))? DOM: Forms NEW P3 dev-doc-needed, leave-open, regression, site-compat Edgar Chen [:edgar]
1377201 min-content sizing doesn't seem to account for padding-right on inline-level descendant Layout NEW P3
1378447 Arrow buttons misaligned on mobile view of Layout NEW P3 testcase
1385419 Parent element stretches to submit input's line-height, rather than its also-specified height. Layout: Form Controls NEW P3 regression
1409200 Implement CSP-3 support for hashes matching external resources with an integrity attribute DOM: Security NEW P3
1429653 [mobile] - scrolling is not happening on position fixed element with overflow scroll Web Painting NEW P3
1434236 Caption width set to 100% in a table has the width of the document and not the table width Layout: Tables NEW P3
1435665 input type=button background-color should be rgb(240, 240, 240) on Android. General NEW P3 Dennis Schubert [:denschub]
1436801 Vertical padding influences baseline alignment of text around span with "vertical-align:middle" (only in Firefox) Layout: Block and Inline NEW P3
1443284 percentage height in auto-height table cell in fixed-height table is treated as auto Layout: Tables NEW P3
1449079 PNG background-image icon not positioned at the right place after first rendering Layout: Positioned NEW P3
1471231 iframe.contentWindow.getComputedStyle(..) returns an empty style if the iframe is display: none. DOM: CSS Object Model NEW P3 dev-doc-needed
1473789 {inc} intrinsically-sized inline-block with orthogonal writing-mode content has size of 0 on the first reflow and correct sizes later Layout NEW P3
1476051 Interop issues with select element styling with appearance:none. CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P3
1481581 [meta] More closely align the behavior of '-moz-appearance' with Chrome's '-webkit-appearance' Layout NEW P3 meta Jonathan Watt [:jwatt]
1482733 Geolocation.watchPosition() doesn't work in background on Android O and above DOM: Geolocation NEW P3
1483225 Behaviour of SVG element with invalid mask differs from other browsers and W3C spec SVG NEW P3
1493878 iframe.contentDocument is changed across loading even when it has no src or srcdoc DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
1494708 Should setting a button disabled in the onclick event prevent form submission? DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
1503427 Firefox 63 pushing Bootstrap 3 date input text down Layout: Form Controls NEW P3 regression
1520157 SourceCodePro font rendered in wrong colour on osx (macOS) Graphics: Text NEW P3 regression
1521631 Implement overflow:overlay (non-standard) CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P3 Jonathan Watt [:jwatt]
1529471 objectBoundingBox, clip-path behave differently in Chrome and Firefox SVG NEW P3
1531888 If clip-path IRI is missing, Firefox does not ignore it (at least for the purposes of mouse-interactions). SVG NEW P3
1539053 Rotating and/or moving text in creating a new story is very slow and choppy. Canvas: 2D NEW P3
1541964 Input with line-height: 1 may cut off parts of the text, unlike Blink. Layout: Form Controls NEW P3
1544428 Setting window.location.hash to an empty string on a site without a hash causes a popstate event DOM: Navigation NEW P3
1544649 Site with a fixed width is not zoomed in Firefox, zoomed in Chrome by CSS zoom property Layout NEW P3
1546049 input checkbox left border is not visible under certain circumstances on mobile Layout: Form Controls NEW P3
1552473 Scrolling an element with opacity: 0; does not fire "scroll" events Layout NEW P3
1554226 Add new Safe Browsing categories. General NEW P3
1554489 End-line characters are ignored on Gitlab instances DOM: Serializers REOPENED P3
1558274 Test-case where active content cannot be clicked in Firefox, but can in Chrome. Web Painting NEW P3
1568313 Textarea wrap=hard does not actually insert newlines when posting DOM: Forms NEW P3 regression
1569510 button inside a summary element doesn't open the full details element DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
1570722 Firefox and Chrome differ on how to treat an invalid CSP header (need WPT test) DOM: Security NEW P3 good-first-bug
1571785 Images blocked by CSP/etc should still fall back to their alt-text, not be hidden outright. DOM: Security NEW P3 good-first-bug
1575444 No dropmarker is shown for <input list="…"> with <datalist> Layout: Form Controls NEW P3 parity-chrome, parity-safari
1575799 Download from a synology NAS is failing DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3 regression
1577002 multicol element max-content size doesn't account for wide content, when column-count and column-width are both specified Layout: Columns NEW P3
1580079 Consider implementing quirky behavior for percentage min-height with auto-height parent Layout: Block and Inline NEW P3
1584881 support -webkit-transform-origin-x/y for webcompat reasons? CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P3 dev-doc-needed
1589539 text selection with fillColor and backgroundColor being the same Desktop NEW P3 webcompat:site-wait
1590489 Have a test case to ensure keyup and input events are fired when typing in inputs. DOM: Events NEW P3
1593327 Firefox maintains cursor position on contenteditable after right-clicks elsewhere, so users can believe they are still editing when they are not. DOM: Selection NEW P3
1595620 Considering aliasing -webkit-font-feature-settings to font-feature-settings for webcompat CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P3 dev-doc-needed, good-first-bug
1596399 Delete key is not working as expected with handwriting input in macOS DOM: Editor NEW P3 inputmethod
1596960 Google Translate Widget creates keyboard trap on use DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW P3 parity-chrome, webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1598913 I am unable to select some text on DOM: Selection NEW P3 parity-chrome, parity-edge, parity-ie
1603794 Layout difference between Firefox and Chrome on Layout NEW P3
1606114 site content is zoomed out and pushed to the left due to wide elements on the page Layout NEW P3
1609427 Add microphone and camera to PermissionDescriptor for navigator.permissions.query WebRTC: Audio/Video NEW P3
1616326 skewed image masks create junk on their edges Graphics: WebRender NEW P3 regression
1616377 Box with break-inside: avoid is being broken so that the columns can be balanced Layout NEW P3
1618240 Consider loading <img loading="lazy"> before they intersect with the viewport Layout NEW P3
1633888 Hard to scroll info-text on "card" at (sometimes the whole page scrolls instead) Panning and Zooming NEW P3
1640726 The user is unable to copy a table from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Word Online DOM: Editor NEW P3 parity-chrome Mirko Brodesser (:mbrodesser)
1641721 option disabled: options are indistinguishable from enabled ones Layout: Form Controls NEW P3
1644101 Enable constructable stylesheets on Nightly DOM: CSS Object Model NEW P3 dev-doc-needed
1648124 Click event not firing for links without href inside iframe with CSS transformations DOM: Events NEW P3
1651754 SVG in a button is given much larger size than in Chrome SVG NEW P3
1653710 FOUC presumably caused by the page reading documentElement.clientWidth too early while the page is loading Layout NEW P3
1654288 Enable layout.forms.input-type-search.enabled by default Layout: Form Controls NEW P3
1656279 Unitless line height interop issue CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P3
1658226 Flickering cursor when `cursor: ...` set in CSS and spacebar is held Widget: Cocoa NEW P3
1659174 Can't play VP8 encoded video on because of lack of content sniffing Audio/Video: Playback NEW P3 parity-chrome
1659739 Page content is not completely loaded DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3 parity-chrome, regression, webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1660384 Implement CSS Containment content-visibility Layout NEW P3
1661147 [WebRender] blurred content is mispositioned, in abspos within fixedpos Graphics: WebRender NEW P3 correctness, regression Glenn Watson [:gw]
1664223 When using an AudioContext across iframes, get confusing "Connecting AudioNodes from AudioContexts with different sample-rate is currently not supported." error Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph NEW P3 regression
1665524 Fedex Get Status Updates form does not offer autocompletion for 2nd email field Form Autofill NEW P3
1665794 Endless redirect on with network.cookie.sameSite.schemeful enabled Networking: Cookies NEW P3 regression
1666797 [fragmentation] Printing gets chopped off after first page when using vertical writing-mode 'flex-direction: column' flexbox Layout: Flexbox NEW P3 testcase
1667878 An absolutely positioned div with a tabindex causes the viewport to jump up when selecting text DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW P3
1670520 Copy/Paste adds extraneous whitespace when copying text inside a dl DOM: Serializers NEW P3
1672475 Angled border is blurry on Graphics: WebRender NEW P3 correctness, regression
1672804 picture tag doesn't show fallback image if sources type are not specified DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
1677568 Element disappears when mouse hovers over it in Firefox, but not in Chrome Web Painting NEW P3
1677583 Firefox does not reverse scroll direction for user input when y-axis is CSS-transformed, WebKit and Blink do. Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW P3
1679677 Twitch streaming video performance slowly degrades until it can't keep up even at lower video quality, requiring a browser restart Audio/Video: Playback UNCONFIRMED P3
1680790 Firefox does not vertically align an anchor-with-block-element list item with its marker, Chrome does Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters NEW P3
1680823 Firefox adds a scrollbar to the root element for an element with top:-1000px, while Chrome does not Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW P3 dupeme
1681354 Firefox and Chrome differ on whether to honor a definite width on an image descendant of a grid Layout: Grid NEW P3
1684810 Fish bowl animation is slow (14fps) in portrait mode, fast in landscape mode Canvas: 2D NEW P3
1687370 Cannot log into when schemeful sameSite cookie is on Networking: Cookies NEW P3
1687372 -webkit-line-clamp clamps each flex item independently in Firefox, but it should clamp the lines of all flex items collectively (the way it works in WebKit-derived browsers) Layout: Flexbox NEW P3
1694298 Table flex item's max-width/max-height is not respected Layout: Flexbox NEW P3
1694719 Background image is not rendered on DOM: Navigation NEW P3 Kris Maglione [:kmag]
1697590 Investigate `Event.path()` usage Tooling & Investigations NEW P3
1698629 Tapping SVG shape in use element invokes text selection UI DOM: Selection NEW P3
1704419 Nintendo Switch gamepad support DOM: Device Interfaces UNCONFIRMED P3
1709072 Lots of jank while trying to re-order links on Layout: Text and Fonts NEW P3
1711823 text wrapping in flex container Layout: Flexbox NEW P3 regression
1719164 Terrible stuttering of mouse and "drag preview" on if you click-and-drag on a pen . Hang on Parent Process Performance NEW P3 parity-chrome
1719273 CSS aspect-ratio doesn't occupy space inside grid with auto columns. Layout: Grid NEW P3 Boris Chiou [:boris]
1724660 Virtual book rendering is janky on zoom ImageLib NEW P3
1726152 H2 server push requires new authentication on every page load/refresh Networking: HTTP UNCONFIRMED P3
1730636 Firefox honors a document's upgrade-insecure-request in same-site navigation, including redirects; breaks schedules Desktop ASSIGNED P3 webcompat:needs-diagnosis Karl Dubost💡 :karlcow
1730684 empty object element has a default size of 300px x 150px on Blink and WebKit DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
1732599 First word of a shadow DOM text is not selectable DOM: Selection NEW P3
1733307 - Very slow page load Performance NEW P3
1735114 image flickering when during dragging for the animation ImageLib NEW P3 regression
1735384 [css-ui-4] Implement "input-security" CSS property Layout: Form Controls NEW P3 dev-doc-needed Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio)
1735451 Menu takes a lot of time to open and close. Layout NEW P3 webcompat:site-wait
1735575 Investigate adding aliases for ::-webkit-slider-* CSS Parsing and Computation NEW P3
1736391 Firefox for Android: Preventing context menu / `"contextmenu"` event through `preventDefault` for an `img` or `a` element does not work. General UNCONFIRMED P3
1738838 Scrolling down to the footer will show the white background shortly when passing the band photo Panning and Zooming NEW P3
1739319 [Bug] Background color not rendered correctly with bottom toolbar in toolbar area for Layout NEW P3
1743376 Highlight dropped during selection and mouse move to extend selection DOM: Selection NEW P3
1744482 graphics is moving when interacting with the layout Graphics: WebRender NEW P3
1745680 Ignore apple-touch-icon when icon is available in link html header DOM: Core & HTML NEW P3
1749163 contenteditable has a different wrapping behavior in Gecko and WebKit/Blink DOM: Editor NEW P3
1750959 Tabbing buttons in an overflowed container doesn't align the button with the bottom of the container. DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW P3

153 Total; 153 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat Any - RESOLVED

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to Priority
137688 getPropertyValue on computed style (getComputedStyle) does not do shorthand properties DOM: CSS Object Model RESOLVED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
367028 Dragging a scrollbar of a block anchor is not possible as expected, because link's drag-and-drop operation is started. DOM: Events RESOLVED P3 testcase Edgar Chen [:edgar] P5
416771 Allow window.focus() to switch tabs at times when popups are allowed Tabbed Browser VERIFIED P1 regression, testcase Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
608812 Outer <SVG> element should snap to pixel coordinates SVG RESOLVED ? violet.bugreport --
612118 SVGLocatable.getBBox() fails unless the SVG element it is applied to is attached and rendered SVG RESOLVED P3 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
737785 Implement 'tab-size' (dropping the -moz- prefix) CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED revisit dev-doc-complete, site-compat Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) P4
748518 padding-bottom/right(block-end/inline-end) is ignored with overflow:auto/scroll because it extends in from the border-box rather than out from the scrollable area Layout: Block and Inline RESOLVED P1 regression P2
827096 on a samsung galaxy s3 with nightly, I am unable to load General RESOLVED ? --
851441 [css3-page] implement @page rule size attribute CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED P1 css3, dev-doc-needed, DevAdvocacy, parity-safari, testcase Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] P1
866102 ellipsis multiple lines text doesn't work (i.e. add support for -webkit-line-clamp) CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED P1 dev-doc-complete Cameron McCormack (:heycam) --
941356 drag image not correctly created when parent has css transform DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop RESOLVED P2 parity-chrome, parity-edge, testcase Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
970802 [UI Events][Input Events] implement beforeinput event DOM: Editor RESOLVED P2 dev-doc-complete, parity-chrome, parity-safari Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) P3
981248 <input> has focus/blur issues when it has focus and its type changes to/from type=number Layout: Form Controls RESOLVED P1 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1092007 For flex items in a vertical flex container, only treat heights as definite (for resolving % heights on children) if the flex-basis (or flex container's height) is also definite Layout RESOLVED P1 Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] P2
1112032 [meta] Implement MediaSession API Audio/Video: Playback RESOLVED P3 dev-doc-complete, DevAdvocacy, feature-testing-meta, meta C.M.Chang[:chunmin] P3
1174452 Copying text with the style "white-space: pre;" does not preserve white space (spaces, tabs, newlines) (Pretty old bug 116083 has come back after change by bug 1151873) DOM: Serializers VERIFIED ? parity-chrome, regression Mirko Brodesser (:mbrodesser) P3
1178763 TouchEvent.pageX/pageY should be undefined DOM: Events RESOLVED P2 compat, dev-doc-complete, site-compat Olli Pettay [:smaug] P3
1200585 when RecomputePosition optimization moves an element, we don't move fixed positioned elements whose hypothetical box comes from that element Layout: Positioned RESOLVED ? regression Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1205133 Ship inputmode attribute DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED revisit dev-doc-complete, parity-chrome, parity-safari Makoto Kato [:m_kato] P3
1218456 does not trigger if element is not in document DOM DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1220810 Consider hardcoding localhost names to the loopback address Networking: DNS RESOLVED ? dev-doc-complete, perf-alert Andrea Marchesini [:baku] P3
1225665 Implement RegExp lookbehind JavaScript Engine RESOLVED P1 dev-doc-complete, parity-chrome --
1248897 Expose SpeechRecognition to the web Web Speech RESOLVED P1 dev-doc-needed, feature André Natal P1
1256980 "z-index" has an effect on transformed content in Firefox, but not in Edge/Safari/Chrome Layout RESOLVED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1262842 [CSP] Blocks the use of style attributes inside SVG without generating console errors DOM: Security RESOLVED ? Christoph Kerschbaumer [:ckerschb] P2
1312588 implement fit-content(<length-percentage>) value of width/min-width/max-width property Layout RESOLVED revisit dev-doc-complete, DevAdvocacy Boris Chiou [:boris] P3
1316534 [css-flexbox] A non-default "flex-basis" incorrectly prevents min-size:auto from being clamped by specified size Layout: Flexbox RESOLVED P1 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) --
1319215 The "Contre Jour" game does not start DOM: CSS Object Model RESOLVED ? P3
1328672 Date.parse() or new Date() doesn't allow hours only for timezone offset on ISO 8601 JavaScript: Standard Library RESOLVED P1 parity-chrome, parity-edge Eric Skoglund [:tephra] P3
1358633 window.find does not work in Firefox for Android and throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P3 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P5
1361856 Implement RegExp s (dotAll) flag JavaScript Engine RESOLVED ? dev-doc-complete, parity-chrome, parity-safari, triage-deferred Iain Ireland [:iain] P3
1362154 Implement RegExp named groups JavaScript Engine RESOLVED P2 dev-doc-complete, parity-chrome, parity-safari Iain Ireland [:iain] P2
1365806 empty element has an offsetheight if given overflow-y:scroll, unlike other browsers Layout: Scrolling and Overflow RESOLVED P3 polish, testcase Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1366115 SVG element with artifacts at certain sizes (on Web Painting RESOLVED ? --
1371386 Firefox does not always prefer `` when showing emojis Layout: Text and Fonts RESOLVED P3 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) P3
1383650 Implement SVG geometry properties in CSS SVG RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed violet.bugreport P3
1388931 Unship SVGPathSeg APIs SVG RESOLVED ? dev-doc-complete, site-compat Boris Chiou [:boris] P2
1392460 deltaMode default should be DOM_DELTA_PIXEL DOM: Events RESOLVED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1402369 Implement Web Share API on Fenix General RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him) P1
1407167 aria ROLE values are case sensitive Disability Access APIs RESOLVED revisit marcos P5
1409490 meta-viewport makes elements with inner :active content unclickable. DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling RESOLVED ? P2
1409526 Investigate whether an alias for webkitSpeechRecognition is needed for webcompat. Web Speech RESOLVED ? Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax --
1414600 viewport units incorrect in print CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED ? testcase Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1415789 -moz-appearance button-bevel should behave like -webkit-appearance: button-bevel Layout: Form Controls RESOLVED P3 Louis Chang [:louis] P3
1418472 abs-pos placeholder may end up on the wrong side of a line-break [was: Wrong position of github issue name on hover] Layout RESOLVED ? Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) P3
1422334 reload after history.replaceState after 3xx redirect shows wrong url in URL bar and Location api DOM: Navigation RESOLVED P2 regression Boris Zbarsky [:bzbarsky] P2
1440677 - Problems with spaces in filenames (content-disposition not quoted) Networking RESOLVED P2 dev-doc-complete :Gijs (he/him) P2
1442050 Add UA override for Tooling & Investigations RESOLVED ? Dennis Schubert [:denschub] P2
1444343 Unable to edit question text on Keyboards and IME RESOLVED ? P3
1448730 After a longpress in an input or textarea, Firefox Android selects the previous word even when there's a space DOM: Selection RESOLVED ? Makoto Kato [:m_kato] P1
1454290 Automatic Caption does not work Audio/Video: Playback RESOLVED ? webcompat:site-wait P3
1456052 Textarea padding crops text to the content box in the block direction, unlike other browsers. Layout: Form Controls RESOLVED revisit Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1461611 Youtube videos only appear with a page title of "YouTube" in Firefox on Android Mobile RESOLVED ? P1
1475316 Consider adding support for -webkit-autofill (and a default stylesheet using it) for interop with Chrome CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED revisit dev-doc-complete Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1475738 Fennec and Geckoview do not fire letter or number keypress events while typing into a contenteditable element. Keyboards and IME RESOLVED ? Makoto Kato [:m_kato] P2
1481112 User Agent Stylesheet Default for select, button Layout: Form Controls RESOLVED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1481400 [Youtube] Play/Pause video using spacebar is not functional after clicking on Play/Pause button DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling VERIFIED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1481923 [Android] preventDefault() in contextmenu listener cancels touch event generation (sends touchcancel) Panning and Zooming RESOLVED P1 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P2
1493271 Clicking on "share icons" does not open new window DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling RESOLVED ? P2
1498729 Updating the content for a viewport meta tag should discard old values DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P1 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P2
1503241 The CloudShell on Google Cloud Platform does not load (prompt missing) DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P2 regression P2
1505471 (intersection-observer) intersectionRect not mapped to the document containing the target in iFrames Layout RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1507495 Enable Pointer events on GeckoView by default DOM: Events RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed Olli Pettay [:smaug] P3
1507744 word-break: break-all on an inline doesn't cause breaks Layout: Text and Fonts RESOLVED ? Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) P3
1508177 Consider shrinking content even if no content area gets visible Panning and Zooming RESOLVED ? correctness Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P3
1509527 Update the values supported by our 'inputmode' implementation DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P3 dev-doc-complete, parity-chrome Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] P2
1511231 PointerEvent.getCoalescedEvents return empty when using pen input and while the pointer is down DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling RESOLVED revisit Edgar Chen [:edgar] P3
1514538 SVGMatrix and DOMMatrix are not interchangeable in Path2D.addPath SVG RESOLVED ? compat, parity-chrome Kagami :saschanaz P3
1514655 Plaintext documents in subframes (or <object>) don't get word-wrapping CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1515073 Back/forward buttons should expose only pages with user-interaction DOM: Navigation RESOLVED ? site-compat Johann Hofmann [:johannh] P2
1515980 Make viewport sizing in the presence of URL bar transitions consistent with other browsers Layout RESOLVED P3 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P3
1517172 Going into fullscreen mode makes the bottom area of the viewport permanently concealed by the software keyboard (cannot scroll down to the bottom area) Layout RESOLVED P2 P2
1520869 Setting disabled=true in a checkbox onClick handler cancels onChange handler DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P3 Kagami :saschanaz P2
1520983 Interop issues with composition events and IMEs like the OSX emoji picker and accent menu of Western keyboard layout DOM: Events RESOLVED revisit Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) P3
1523541 window.innerHeight changes with the dynamic toolbar on Firefox Layout RESOLVED P3 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P3
1525107 Support the color-scheme meta tag Layout RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1526268 Text selection caret incorrectly positioned in search box inside position:fixed element DOM: Selection RESOLVED ? regression Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) P3
1527949 Implement whatever more-interoperable behavior the CSSWG comes up with, for making block-end padding scrollable on scrollable elements Layout: Scrolling and Overflow RESOLVED P3 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) P3
1528305 Behavior on meta and location.href redirects to an unknown protocol can break pages. DOM: Navigation RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed, site-compat Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1533630 Gecko fires click events for middle and right clicks, against the uievents spec. DOM: Events RESOLVED ? John Dai[:jdai] P2
1540203 overflow-anchor difference in behavior compared to Chrome Layout: Scrolling and Overflow RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1542784 Support <img loading="lazy"> lazy-loading DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED revisit dev-doc-complete Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) --
1543312 caret and characters insertion are erratic in a contenteditable with tinyMCE on Android DOM: Editor RESOLVED ? Makoto Kato [:m_kato] P3
1544455 [webvtt] cue class spans get rendered as block elements instead of inline elements Audio/Video: Playback VERIFIED ? Alastor Wu [:alwu] P2
1545823 The lack of StyleSheet.rules (instead of cssRules) make videojs player fails (also addRule() and removeRule() ) DOM: CSS Object Model RESOLVED P1 dev-doc-complete, webcompat:contact-ready Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1547624 cannot scroll on mobile version Web Painting VERIFIED ? regression Matt Woodrow (:mattwoodrow) P2
1548753 list numbering recovery with wrong markup has changed behavior. Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters RESOLVED ? regression Mats Palmgren (inactive) P1
1550105 Negative values in meta viewport result in different initial viewports on Firefox and Chrome Layout RESOLVED ? Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P3
1550248 Consider sniffing to detect m3u8 sent as content-type:text/plain, as Chrome seems to Audio/Video: Playback RESOLVED P3 parity-chrome Paul Adenot (:padenot) P3
1550710 SVG containing downsized image displayed with img tag has pixel aliasing ( logo) ImageLib VERIFIED ? Andrew Osmond [:aosmond] (he/him) P3
1551247 Adding PWA to home screen does nothing on Fennec DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED revisit P2
1551272 Washington Post web site reader comments no longer display DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED ? --
1551276 Autodetect legacy encoding on unlabeled pages Internationalization RESOLVED ? Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) P3
1551729 Cannot login to Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway router Networking: Cookies RESOLVED ? regression, site-compat Andrea Marchesini [:baku] P2
1556275 Handle unknown values for width and height as 'Auto' in viewport meta tag Layout VERIFIED ? regression Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P3
1556511 initial render of a Coinbase svg graph is wrong in Firefox Nightly SVG RESOLVED ? regression Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] P2
1560055 img with negative integers for the width or height attributes are ignored DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED ? Boris Zbarsky [:bzbarsky] P3
1561794 The select does not show the second digit Layout: Form Controls VERIFIED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1563649 Computed value of 'bottom' for a position:fixed element is different in Firefox than in Chrome for Android Layout VERIFIED ? regression Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P3
1565838 Android 6 mpeg audio "Media Resource" "could not be decoded, error: Error Code: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_FATAL_ERR (0x806e0005) Details: ProcessOutput", html5 ended event does not fire Audio/Video VERIFIED ? regression John Lin [:jhlin][:jolin] P3
1566795 In Outlook - Ctrl+B doesn't work on already embolden pasted input DOM: Events RESOLVED P3 Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) P2
1567237 overflow:scroll on elements not needing to scroll prevents keyboard panning on main document, unlike Chrome Layout: Scrolling and Overflow RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1570566 isn't displayed properly in landscape mode on Android Mobile RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1573245 Web Authentication - Change AuthenticatorTransport to be other than an `enum` DOM: Web Authentication RESOLVED ? J.C. Jones [:jcj] (he/him) [taking a break] P1
1573648 site scaling is off, showing desktop version instead of mobile due to mis-handling trailing characters in scale values Layout VERIFIED ? regression Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) --
1574223 Consider treating document level ontouchmove as passive DOM: Events RESOLVED ? site-compat Olli Pettay [:smaug] --
1575947 UTF-8 and UTF-16 atomization functions don't produce the same atom (was: The page goes blank after loading on JavaScript Engine RESOLVED ? regression Jeff Walden [:Waldo] P1
1578609 Media element didn't start loading from its source element child with type="" Audio/Video RESOLVED ? Alastor Wu [:alwu] P2
1579186 element.innerText within an <foreignObject> is incorrect SVG RESOLVED ? Robert Longson [:longsonr] P3
1581512 Align XTCO-Nosniff behaviour with Chrome DOM: Security RESOLVED P1 Sebastian Streich [:sstreich] P2
1584890 abspos root element (html) ignores top/right/bottom/left properties, if it has "display:flex" or "display:grid" Layout RESOLVED revisit Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) P3
1585485 [css-flexbox] Treat input elements with percent sizes as having "compressible" min-content sizes Layout: Flexbox RESOLVED P2 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) --
1586909 infinitely scrolls Layout: Scrolling and Overflow RESOLVED ? regression Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1590435 Preventing default for click events on GeckoView browsers prevents <select> options from opening GeckoViewExample RESOLVED ? Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him) P1
1590839 Background is not clipped appropriately when using -webkit-background-clip: text and background-attachment: fixed on animated gif background Web Painting RESOLVED revisit P3
1591219 Chrome and Firefox differ in visual ordering of certain table cells Layout: Tables RESOLVED ? testcase Mats Palmgren (inactive) P3
1591329 [GamePad] Require secure context for getGamePads() in Nightly DOM: Device Interfaces RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed, site-compat Marcos Caceres [:marcosc] P2
1591366 Bad performance with deeply-nested display: grid elements Layout: Grid RESOLVED P2 perf, testcase Sean Feng [:sefeng] P3
1591374 Numerous sites fail to load after upgrade to Firefox 70.0 Storage: localStorage & sessionStorage RESOLVED ? P2
1592435 causes completely broken scrolling on Fenix with scroll-anchoring on. Panning and Zooming RESOLVED ? Botond Ballo [:botond] P2
1594449 Experimentally implement <link rel="preload"> in the content process as a speculative load with higher priority DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P2 dev-doc-needed Honza Bambas (:mayhemer) P1
1595435 login - can't enter username or password DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling VERIFIED ? regression, webcompat:needs-diagnosis Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1598145 does not adjust to the screen size in portrait mode Panning and Zooming RESOLVED ? regression Brad Werth [:bradwerth] P2
1602347 Firefox returns strange value for dpi. DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1603629 dominant-baseline hanging is inconsistent with other UAs SVG RESOLVED revisit parity-chrome Robert Longson [:longsonr] P5
1605803 content property of getComputedStyle is being returned as none CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1610899 Closed captions list is cut off if there are many tracks Video/Audio Controls RESOLVED ? :Gijs (he/him) P3
1615452 Poor performance on Graphics RESOLVED ? perf P3
1615930 MP4 video does not diplays the last frames of the video Audio/Video: Playback RESOLVED ? John Lin [:jhlin][:jolin] P1
1616132 getProgramParameter(ATTACHED_SHADERS) always returns 2 Canvas: WebGL RESOLVED P2 regression Kelsey Gilbert [:jgilbert] (previously Jeff) P1
1616620 input type='number' with maxlength attribute is enforced on firefox and not chrome and safari Layout: Form Controls VERIFIED ? regression Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1617515 Gaps in the underline don't align right when an emoji is placed in the text Layout: Text and Fonts RESOLVED ? Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) P2
1617987 redirects to in Chrome but not Firefox [SSLCommonNameMismatchHandling] Security VERIFIED ? parity-chrome :prathiksha P2
1619166 Uploaded .ics file <input type="file"> has an empty mime type on Windows DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED revisit P3
1619169 Planet mozilla content gets visibly clipped when dynamic toolbar is hidden on WebRender Panning and Zooming RESOLVED ? Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) P2
1621523 Firefox 74 has drawing issues with Amazon Sumerian Editor Canvas: WebGL VERIFIED P1 regression Kelsey Gilbert [:jgilbert] (previously Jeff) P1
1623239 Latest version of Firefox no longer accepts MacOS text clippings in the google search field. This is a standard part of our work flow. DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop VERIFIED P1 regression Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) P2
1623536 Re-enable TLS 1.0 in Firefox 75 (Beta) Security: PSM VERIFIED P1 site-compat Martin Thomson [:mt:] P1
1625384 Remove window.onappinstalled event, as it was never used or shipped DOM: Events RESOLVED P3 dev-doc-complete, parity-safari Marcos Caceres [:marcosc] --
1626142 The map is no longer displayed when bringing the app in foreground Canvas: 2D RESOLVED ? regression Sotaro Ikeda [:sotaro] P3
1626997 Enable <link rel=preload> support by default Networking RESOLVED P2 dev-doc-needed Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1627347 getComputedStyle() should return implicit grid tracks DOM: CSS Object Model RESOLVED ? regression --
1628739 Hit region for scrolling div is wrong on specific page `will-change: transform;` and a filter on parent Web Painting RESOLVED revisit P3
1633621 - Unable to type General RESOLVED ? Makoto Kato [:m_kato] P3
1633708 Scrollbars overlap content in tab-modal content JS prompts/dialogs when the line cannot break Notifications and Alerts RESOLVED ? Tim Nguyen :ntim P3
1636988 paste of url from Google Sheets/'Get link to this cell' fails in Slack DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop RESOLVED P1 Mirko Brodesser (:mbrodesser) P2
1638773 device-width conflict values in between initial-scale and width Panning and Zooming VERIFIED ? regression Brad Werth [:bradwerth] P1
1639972 Table is not kept when pasting to Google docs DOM: Selection RESOLVED ? Mirko Brodesser (:mbrodesser) P1
1641139 Absolutely-positioned element in <ruby> is not shown Layout: Ruby RESOLVED ? Xidorn Quan [:xidorn] UTC+11 --
1648344 Items are overlapped Panning and Zooming RESOLVED ? Brad Werth [:bradwerth] P3
1653474 dynamic insert http-equiv='refresh' meta on an already loaded document doesn't create navigation DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED P3 Sean Feng [:sefeng] P3
1654723 Scrolling is very laggy on image gallery on Graphics RESOLVED ? regressionwindow-wanted Jamie Nicol [:jnicol] P2
1655965 defect in the third party WYSIWYG HTML (CKEditor) when using Mdaemon email DOM: Editor RESOLVED ? --
1656171 Unable to login with Facebook/Google/Twitter on Kinja form with ETP - Standard enabled Privacy: Anti-Tracking VERIFIED ? Paul Zühlcke [:pbz] P2
1659218 <input disabled> incorrectly responds to dispatchEvent() DOM: Events RESOLVED ? Kagami :saschanaz P2
1661316 "Add to cart" button disappears on hover on Layout RESOLVED ? regression Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) --
1661423 Content-Security-Policy upgrade-insecure-requests is applied to <form>s on DOM: Security RESOLVED ? Frederik Braun [:freddy] P2
1663836 HTTP headers with spaces in the name in HTTP2 should send ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR Networking: HTTP RESOLVED ? Manuel Bucher P3
1668952 Can't upload photos from the photo gallery on General RESOLVED ? (No longer employed by Mozilla) Aaron Klotz P1
1669050 Cannot paste SVG images inside contenteditable DOM: Editor RESOLVED ? dataloss, parity-chrome Mirko Brodesser (:mbrodesser) P3
1669742 window.matchMedia result doesn't match original query for aspect-ratio 1/1 CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED P2 Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1673006 Incorrect position/offset for display: table; elements inside flex with width: 100%; Layout: Flexbox RESOLVED ? Mats Palmgren (inactive) --
1673511 [Bug] weird sticky keyboard pop up behaviour General RESOLVED ? Makoto Kato [:m_kato] P1
1673885 breaks sometimes after a reload (Can't access rules of still-loading stylsheet) CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1678795 NS_ERROR_DOM_ABORT_ERR while opening and (frequently involving hit quota limits) DOM: Service Workers RESOLVED P1 regression Eden Chuang[:edenchuang] P2
1680677 - First paint is incomplete Graphics RESOLVED ? --
1681375 Chrome seems to force empty contenteditables to have some height, while Firefox may not Layout: Text and Fonts RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P2
1684817 Laggy scrolling on Graphics: WebRender RESOLVED ? regression, reproducible Glenn Watson [:gw] --
1684973 Event offsetX/Y differ in Chrome and Firefox for mouse events in SVGs DOM: Events RESOLVED ? Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1686326 [quirks] Chrome allows negative top margin on <button> to position them in transitional DTD, Firefox does not. Layout: Block and Inline RESOLVED ? parity-chrome, testcase Mats Palmgren (inactive) P3
1688783 - Framerate drop is quite high Audio/Video: cubeb RESOLVED P2 regression Paul Adenot (:padenot) P1
1688888 Audio scrubber on is draggable outside of the area it should be Layout RESOLVED P2 regression Michael Comella (:mcomella) [needinfo or I won't see it] --
1692380 marquee tag scrolling overflows when the parent is a flexbox element Layout VERIFIED ? regression Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1696333 top bar partially painted Panning and Zooming RESOLVED ? --
1701828 meta within head but after a kilobyte triggers a reload DOM: HTML Parser RESOLVED P2 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen) P3
1709152 Mac accent menu insertion misbehaves when suppressing beforeinput event DOM: Events RESOLVED ? inputmethod Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) P3
1709790 Add support for element.outerText DOM: Core & HTML RESOLVED ? dev-doc-needed Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1712780 Page becomes unresponsive while loading an svg with a lot of nodes SVG RESOLVED ? regression Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) P2
1717760 initKeyEvent on KeyboardEvent should return undefined DOM: Events RESOLVED P1 dev-doc-complete Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (he/him)(JST, +0900) P3
1727016 slow scroll leaves the image in a fixed position until its heights has passed Panning and Zooming RESOLVED P3 regression Timothy Nikkel (:tnikkel) P2
1730834 Image doesn't animate if loaded after location.replace() call. Performance VERIFIED P3 regression Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1731120 Rendering difference with Chrome/Safari being seemingly caused by a line box being forced by white-space:pre. Layout: Block and Inline RESOLVED ? Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) --
1733475 stickers panel is not fully displayed on CSS Parsing and Computation RESOLVED ? regression Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) --
1738791 (intersection-observer) Chrome allows an empty string for rootMargin, Firefox throws an exception, breaking some shopping sites. Layout RESOLVED P1 dev-doc-complete Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) P3
1739992 Firefox 94 auto-fills spam-detection honeypot field on / Password Manager: Site Compatibility RESOLVED P3 regression Dimi Lee [:dimi] P2
1743074 user-select: none on html suppress selection even if redefined locally with user-select:text Layout RESOLVED P2 Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) --

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