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Session Format

For MozCamp Europe, we're evolving the format from presentation-based conference to an interactive camp featuring tracks, workshops, sprints, and hacking opportunities with clear deliverables + goals to achieve by the end of the weekend.

For a list of our MozCamp goals, please see here

With this new format, we ask that at least *40% of each presentation* be an interactive activity which results in an outcome or deliverable which furthers these goals. This activity can take many forms. Examples include:

  • Tutorial on how to contribute to B2G
  • Code of Conduct Discussion
  • Workshop on how to recruit HTML5 developers
  • Apps Brainstorm + Creation Sprint

Slide Template

Keynote: Download here
Powerpoint: Download here

If you decide to utilize slides, please have at minimum a title slide that includes the following:

  • Session title
  • MozCamp EU 2012
  • Date + Time
  • September 8-9th, Warsaw, Poland

Speaker Next Steps

Once you have received the session acceptance email from your track lead, please be aware of the following steps + deadlines:

August 20th

  • Please submit to your track lead the first draft of your presentation (or presentation wireframe) by this date along with the day (Saturday or Sunday) during which you would like to give your presentation.
  • Starting this week your track lead will also be hosting weekly *office hours* for their speakers to answer any questions you may have. Once they have determined the days + times of my office hours, they will reach out to you with this information.

August 20-24th

  • Once your track lead has received your first presentation draft, you both will then set a date + time from the 20th-24th to walk through and review the progress you've made thus far.

August 31st

  • Your track lead will notify you of the day + time of your talk.
  • Include the link to your session's wiki page in the appropriate spot in the schedule

September 7th

  • Please attach your final presentation slides to your session's wiki page
  • Your track lead will be hosting office hours in Warsaw on the Friday before MozCamp. As we get closer to this date, they will let you know the time + location where these office hours will take place.

Conference Rooms

Equipment for conference rooms

All the conference rooms will be equipped with WiFi, flipcharts, a projector, microphones, pens and paper.

Conference room layout

All conference rooms will have a school-style lay-out with a presentation and projector at the front of the room.

Map of Fabryka

A guide to the conference venue can be seen here

Presentation Rules

Stage Setup

  • A projector
  • Presenter table
  • Presenter device to transition between the slides with laser pointer
  • If the speaker will decide for the Q&A format, a tablet with top questions
  • A stage host will help with timing, laptop policy, noise etc.

Presentation Templates


Questions and Answers sections are usually very chaotic, take a lot of time and give little in return. We want to improve the situation by offering each speaker a choice of one of three options for his talk

No Q&A

A speaker may choose not to go for any Q&A and use all the time he or she has for presenting.

Q&A after the presentation

Last 5 minutes of the presentation will be used to answer several top voted questions from Google Moderator application.

Q&A during the presentation

In this model, a speaker will have an additional tablet with top questions refreshing for him and he or she will have a choice when to answer them.