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  • Warsaw's newest and best planned museum is devoted to Warsaw Uprising. Worth visiting if you want to understand a bit of cultural background here.

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  • The usual way people in Warsaw party is that they start the evening at one of many shot bars (Przekąski Zakąski on the way to the Old Town being the most popular one), then they proceed to bars and clubs and somewhere between 3-6am they end up getting back to the shot bars for an aftermatch.
  • Polish drinking culture is organized around flavored vodkas. There are many types with Żubrówka, Żołądkowa Gorzka, Cytrynówka and Wiśniówka being the most popular ones.
  • On top of that Poland has a lot of local beers and in many good places you'll be able to find various kinds of mead which is a must try.

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