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Requesting Group Membership

If you would like to become more involved in the curation of MozillaWiki, or if your work requires that you have access to the rights of one of these groups, file a bug to request that you be added.

In the bug, please include:

  1. your MozillaWiki username
  2. which rights you need and why (e.g. which actions you need to perform)
  3. what your previous mediawiki experience has been (either on MozillaWiki or elsewhere)

Active groups

There are a number of user groups on MozillaWiki, some of which have additional duties to creating new content and editing existing pages. The categories are mostly additive.


Everyone becomes a MozillaWiki User when they register and confirm their email address. You will be able to edit existing pages but not create them until you have been confirmed.

Autoconfirmed users

Users become autoconfirmed once their account is 5 days old and they have made 10 or more edits. Autoconfirmed users can move pages and files, and see which pages have been patrolled.

A user's autoconfirmed status is determined automatically, but a Bureaucrat can give someone implicit autoconfirmed status by adding them to the confirmed users group.

Confirmed users

Confirmed users are those generally recognized as Mozillians who have made valid contributions to MozillaWiki. Users who belong to this group are able to edit semiprotected pages, move root user pages, mark edits as minor and view the delete history.

Account confirmers

Users belonging to the account confirmers group review and then approve or deny requests for user accounts.

Anti-spam Team

Users belonging to this group help fight spam on the wiki. They are able to delete one or more pages at once, rollback several edits at once, ban users, and ban a user from sending email. They are not subject to ipblocks or ratelimits.


Some maintenance tasks can be carried out via small programs. Such programs have to be registered as 'bots' to be allowed access.


Bureaucrats are primarily responsible for managing MozillaWiki users. They have the ability to create accounts, block users, edit a user's css and javascript, rename users, and add and remove users from Confirmed users and Bots groups.

Administrators (sysops)

Administrators, also known as sysops, are users with the ability to perform some special actions on MozillaWiki, including deleting and undeleting pages, protecting and unprotecting pages, editing protected pages, and editing the user interface.

MozillaWiki Team

This group identifies those who are an active part of the MozillaWiki team.

Module owners and peers

This group identifies current MozillaWiki module owners and peers. Members of this group are able to adjust all user group rights and suppress revisions (hide deleted revisions from all users).

Bureaucrats and Sysops emeriti

This group is symbolic and recognizes those who have served as Bureaucrats and Sysops in the past.

Retired groups


This group has been retired. Previously, the ability to move a page was restricted to users who belonged to this group.