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What is Widget:Google Calendar

The Google Calendar widget allows you to add Google Calendar widget to your wiki page.

It was originally created by Sergey Chernyshev for upcoming conference calendar on

How do you use Widget:Google Calendar?

To insert this widget, use the following code:

{{#widget:Widget:Google Calendar


This widget accepts many optional parameters, allowing you to customize how your shared calendar looks.

  • id - is a calendar ID (including, come match user email addresses) - can be found on calendar settings page
  • title - new title if you want to override calendar title (optional)
  • height and width define calendar dimensions, 100%x600 is default (only width can be defined in %).
  • color - events color (hex value. e.g. 5229A3) - only color used in Google's wizard can be used.
  • bgcolor - background/border color (hex value. e.g. ffcc66)
  • weekstart - first day of the week (1-7)
  • lang - interface language (en, fr, ru and etc).
  • view - default view MONTH (default)/WEEK/AGENDA)
  • timezone - time zone defined as a string like "America/New_York", should be automatically detected if omitted
  • pvttk - This key is used to access non-public calendars. All calendars must be on a single account. [Depreciated by Google: See]
  • style - The style attribute to be applied to the iframe.
  • You can also trigger parts of the interface on and off:
    • showtitle - true (default)/false - shows title
    • shownav - true (default)/false - shows navigation arrows
    • showdate - true (default)/false - shows date
    • showtabs - true (default)/false - shows view tabs
    • showcals - true (default)/false - shows a calendar list
    • showprint - true (default)/false - shows a print icon
    • showtz - true (default)/false - shows timezone
    • border - true/false (default) - draws thin border around the widget
  • app - for Google Apps for Your Domain Calendars, specify the domain name for the account (

Share your Google Calendar

In order for the calendar to be visible on MozillaWiki, you need to share the calendar publicly. Step 1: Go to the settings page for the calendar you want to share.

Google Calendar share step 1.png

Step 2: Click the Share this Calendar link and modify the sharing settings as needed. You'll need to check Make this calendar public in order to allow all MozillaWiki visitors to see your embedded calendar. Please be sure you want to share the details of this calendar, including attendee details, before you share it.

Google Calendar share step 2.png

Step 3: Get the id for your shared calendar. You'll find this under the calendar's settings page, under the Calendar Details link towards the bottom:

Google Calendar - get id.png

Real Example

This example shows US holidays.

{{#widget:Google Calendar
|title=US Holidays

This example shows US holidays using the weekly view:

{{#widget:Google Calendar
|title=US Holidays

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