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This page is the place to learn how to start contributing to the Firefox Developer Tools.

The Firefox Developer Tools are developed by the Mozilla community. We focus on building tools that make life easier for web, add-on and Firefox developers. We hope the information on this page will help you become an active member of our community!

If after reading this wiki page, you still aren't sure what your next steps are, reach out to us on IRC.

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, or similar personal characteristic. Our code of conduct sets the standards for behavior in all official DevTools forums.


On top of that, we make heavy use of IRC chat in our day to day development. If you haven't used IRC before, check out the guide to getting started with IRC.

We hang out in the #devtools channel at irc://

If you have questions about a specific part of the code, here are some good people to ping:

  • about:debugging: jdescottes, ochameau
  • Animation Inspector: gl, pbro, daisuke
  • Canvas Debugger: <unmaintained>
  • Console: bgrins, nchevobbe
  • Debugger: jlast
  • Developer Toolbar: jwalker, mikeratcliffe
  • DOM: honza
  • Framework: Browser integration, toolbox and test infrastructure: jryans, bgrins, ochameau, honza
  • Inspector: gl, pbro, zer0, jdescottes, tromey
  • JSON Viewer: honza
  • Memory: gregtatum
  • Network Monitor: honza, rickychien, gasolin
  • Performance: gregtatum
  • Remote protocol and server infrastructure: jryans, ochameau
  • Responsive Design Mode: jryans, zer0
  • Scratchpad: jdescottes
  • Shader Editor: <unmaintained>
  • Style Editor: gl
  • Storage Inspector: mikeratcliffe
  • Themes: bgrins, ntim
  • Web Audio Editor: <unmaintained>
  • WebIDE: jryans, ochameau

Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features

To report a bug/usability papercut/smaller feature/etc, file a bug in the Developer Tools component on Mozilla's Bugzilla.

Please be aware that we have a Bugzilla Etiquette.

If you have an idea for a new feature, you can post it to the mailing list or discuss on the DevTools Discourse category

Mentored and Good First Bugs

The site can help you find good first bugs and/or mentored bugs.

If you want to pick one of these up, feel free to ask for help in attacking the bug right in the bug itself, in #devtools on, or on the dev-developer-tools mailing list!

One more useful link: all open developer tools bugs might have other items you'd find interesting to work on.

Don't hesitate to ask to be mentored even on bugs that don't have a mentor assigned yet.

Working on the code

If you are ready to get the source code and start working on it, check out our guide to working on DevTools.