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Firefox Activity Stream Program - Cross-Platform Status Report - May-30-2017

Project Health & Exec Summary

Green-sm.jpg On track, issues well managed Yellow-sm.jpg Some risks, unknowns without clear mitigations Red-sm.jpg Blocked on deliverables, needs decision, escalation required

Platform/Area Target Health Exec Summary
Desktop FF57


  • Engineering team works in 2 week iterations. The current Sprint 'Apocalypse Now ends on June 11th.
  • Team continues to make good progress toward MVP with delivery on track for Firefox 57. Full MVP Backlog can be found HERE
  • The Graduation team is very close to readiness to pref on Activity Stream in Nightly and plans to finish up remaining work in this sprint.
  • The MVP team is now beginning work on Segments, and is investigating any required work around Snippets, Onboarding & Session Restore.
  • See 'Engineering Highlights (below) for further details.
  • The next OKR Triage is planned for this Friday, June 2nd. Updates on team OKR Progress can be found Here
Android FF??


  • No Updates/HOLD
  • MVP Backlog can be found here.
  • Schedule will need to re-baselined once all resources are back in place. 2/3 of team has been reassigned temporarily to another high-priority initiative (Focus for Android). No current ship date yet identified.
iOS V8.0


  • Current Sprint 1.22 - ending on May 28th
  • Activity stream bug-fixing & polishing continuing in this sprint. Development is on track and progressing well.
  • Overall MVP Backlog can be found here.
  • First Firefox on iOS V8.0 build, containing Activity Stream will be released to a beta audience via Testflight this week.
  • Overall Firefox for iOS release cadence has been updated, including dates for V8.0. A new Feature Complete date for V8.0 has been set as June 16th, and the final build will be submitted for review on July 14th. This new timing will allow for sufficient test/soak time in Testflight, and time to address feedback appropriately.
  • See 'Engineering Highlights (below) for further details.

Engineering Highlights From Last Completed Sprint


The Activty Stream ‘Zumtela’ milestone ended May 28th. For a complete list of the issues resolved in the Zumtela sprint please click HERE. Our new iteration, 'Apocalypse Now' is running through June 11th, and the sprint backlog can be viewed HERE.

The MVP Team has finished the last of the customization features, and those have landed in the dev edition. This allows you to fully customize what sites and what order you see them in the Top Sites section, including drag’n’drop functionality.

The Graduation Team continues to make great progress the major milestone of preffing on Activity Stream in Firefox Nightly. We fully expect that this will happen at the end of this iteration. The list of work remaining to achieve this milestone can be viewed in its entirety HERE. Also in the last iteration the team completed work on site ‘screenshot’ enhancements that are going to make Activity Stream faster/better and also incorporated search box suggestions.

We will be moving away from a single Highlights section in Activity Stream, and will replace it with two separate Sections: Recent Bookmarks and Visit Again. The MVP team will be implementing and A/B testing these features in the current iteration.


The team has also been experimenting with integrating Pocket into Activity Stream. This takes the form of the Top Stories section in Activity Stream. This section is visible right after the Search and Top Sites sections, and it looks like this:



  • No new code landed. Development on hold per notes above.


In the last sprint (1.22 ended May 28th) Justin added new improvements to highlights to promote items with more metadata creating a more visual experience for the new tab experience. Farhan fixed performance issues affecting both the new tab experience and the core browser that could have lead to memory bloat in Firefox. Also, Steph improved performance of telemetry in the new tab experience ensuring that network activity created by telemetry is kept at a minimum.

  • For a complete list of issues resolved in sprint 1.22 please click HERE
  • The following screen capture of Product Nightly illustrates changes to the former 'Highlights' section, which has been renamed 'Visit Again':

Simulator screen shot may 30 2017.png

Risks & Issues

Description of Risk/Issue Affected Platform(s) State Owner Version Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
Android AS resource availability Android Open Eng 2/3 Android resources temporarily reassigned. June 20

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