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The Payment Request API makes online purchases easier without having to fill in all of the personal and payment information over and over again. Together with the form autofill feature, it saves user's time and effort when making online purchases by storing their personal and payment information in Firefox to be used when a merchant requests payment. The Payment Request UI provides consistency across merchant sites.

The overall objective is to increase user engagement, satisfaction, and retention for frequent online shoppers. We believe this can be achieved by enabling users to complete forms and “check out” in e-commerce flows as quickly and securely as possible.

The W3C Payment Request API is a Candidate Recommendation and has already been implemented in other major web browsers. The API is extensible to any payment method without requiring the browser to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Status Summary

Development Update - Milestones 1 - 3 Delivery

Below is a weekly engineering development update.

September 18 Update

  • Status: Green - Planning.
  • Engineering review for user testing preparedness on nightly surfaced additional engineering work. The plan is to push out the current September 28 pref’d on nightly milestone. The team will have an update early next week on the adjusted nightly milestone.

Tentative plan for 2018’H2

  • Frontend: Basic card UI implementation. Known dependencies include:
    • 1. (Completed) UX design reiteration V1.7: Jacqueline. (see also: Web Payment - Basic Card (MVP) design doc.
    • 2. Front-end Resources: 3 Engineers
    • 3. (Confirmed) Reviewer’s availability: MattN
    • 4. (Confirmed) No other feature dependency (e.g., Any Lockbox dependency?)
    • 5. (Confirmed) Compliance for Basic card UI (or that’s only for Payment Handler?)? e.g., PA-DSS by PA-QSA
  • Platform: Ensure Payment Request APIs “ready to enable” (disable until FE ready) in Q3
    • API Compat. test coverage / compliance
    • Basic card spec. implementation
    • (Q3 and more) Marcos keeps working on W3C spec of both the Payment Handler/Request
    • (Q3 and more) Bridging UI and the Request API (subject to FE’s actual progress), including 2 parts:
      • Connecting UI: ongoing and will complete in Q3;
      • IntegrationL requires FE completion to start (e.g., fix bugs during UI integration and verification on merchant website like WooCommerce).

Achievement in 2017'H1

    • (Done) Payment Request API development.
    • (Done) User research of Payment Request (Basic Card) UX.
    • (Done) Payment Request Handler API Proposal. It's been merged into the renamed Payment "Handler" API (was the Payment "App" API) spec.


Preference: dom.payments.request.enabled



from the breakdown document

End-to-end test with valid user data and merchant update/change events, no Fx validation, generic merchant error string, only already stored cards/addresses
add/edit screens, only basic validation (e.g. non-empty) and address-field-specific merchant-provided errors
FTU, data validation & error recovery, "update" badge, P1 telemetry probes, ready to enable on fx63 Nightly-only / Partner / End-to-end User Testing (not riding the trains)
Tab modal widget (maybe do in parallel), UI feature complete, ready for release users, Visual Polish, cc logos
Ride the trains


See Firefox/Features/Web_Payments/DOM for more info.

Quality Assurance

  • TBD. The pure API development in H1 doesn't require QA involvement (UI level verification). We will have unit/autotest instead.

Project Members

2018'H1 (Jan.~)
  • Product: Cindy Hsiang
  • User Experience: Jacqueline Savory (UX), Erin Pang (VisD)
  • User Research: Sharon Bautista
  • Front-End Engineering: Justin Dolske, Matthew Noorenberghe (Tech Lead), Jared Wein, Samuel Foster
  • Platform Engineering: Marcos Caceres, Peter Saint-Andre
  • Program Management: Jean Gong
2017'H2 (Sep.~)
  • Product: Jeff Griffiths
  • User Experience: Jacqueline Savory (UX)
  • Engineering: Justin Dolske, Matthew Noorenberghe (Tech Lead), Marcos Caceres (Architect), Jared Wein, Samuel Foster
  • Program Management: Jean Gong
2017'H1 (~Aug.)
  • Product: Joe Cheng
  • User Experience: Juwei Huang (UX), Fang Shih (Visual)
  • Engineering: Marcos Caceres (Architect), Ben Tian (TDC Tech Lead), Alphan Chen, Eden Chuang, Matthew Noorenberghe (Front-end oversight)
  • Program Management: Wesly Huang