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Project Fission

Project Fission is the project name for revamping and strengthening the architecture of Firefox browser.

Project planning

Project Fission is a Cross Functional engineering effort across the Platform organization.

Primary Meta bug - Bug 1432593 - (meta) Project Fission

<more to come>


Bugzilla M3 Milestones

Full Query
Resolution ID Summary Whiteboard Fission milestone Assigned to
FIXED 1533958 [Fission] Make <select> dropdowns work with Fission M3 Abdoulaye O. LY
FIXED 1553490 Remove BrowsingContextId M3 Andreas Farre [:farre]
1555287 Does not render everything M3 Andreas Farre [:farre]
FIXED 1539482 Reduce the number of IPC calls on nsISHEntry in nsDocShell::LoadHistoryEntry M3 Anny Gakhokidze [:annyG]
FIXED 1541515 Consolidate IPC calls to nsISHEntry inside of nsDocShell::GetChildSHEntry M3 Anny Gakhokidze [:annyG]
FIXED 1546761 Consolidate IPC calls to nsISHistory inside of nsDocShell::OnNewURI M3 Anny Gakhokidze [:annyG]
FIXED 1557807 Remove null check of sourceBc ContentChild::RecvWindowPostMessage() M3 Andrew McCreight [:mccr8]
FIXED 1557808 Call BrowserParent::SendSkipBrowsingContextDetach in SendSkipBrowsingContextDetach M3 Andrew McCreight [:mccr8]
FIXED 1443683 Drag and Drop may not work on OOP IFrames M3 Neil Deakin
FIXED 1533948 [Fission] Make BrowserTabChild ready for Fission M3 Neil Deakin
FIXED 1518919 Communicate current CSS 'visibility' value to oop-frames M3 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro)
FIXED 1541253 Propagate CSS visibility info to descendant documents and use it to tell whether a given nsIFrame is hidden M3 Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro)
FIXED 1532901 event.screenX and event.screenY are wrong inside out-of-process iframes [fission-event-m2] M3 Henri Sivonen (:hsivonen)
FIXED 1538979 Call `willDestroy` and `didDestroy` lifecycle methods on JSWindowActor [4/16] 2 patches need revision M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1538981 Clear `mManager` to nullptr in `ActorDestroy` M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1538984 WindowGlobal{Parent,Child}::GetActor should fail after actor is closed M3 John Dai[:jdai]
DUPLICATE 1538986 `WindowGlobalInit` should include the initial `DocumentURI` M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1552263 Add a `docShell` attribute to JSWindowActorChild M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1552268 Allow omitting `moduleURI` for JSWindowActor declarations M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1557062 'browsingContext' getter should be on JSWindowActorParent M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1557448 `this` is null in `willDestroy` and `didDestroy` methods on JSWindowActor M3 John Dai[:jdai]
FIXED 1543282 Fission a11y: Expose accessible id of OOP iframes on BrowserBridgeParent M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1543287 Fission a11y: Add embedded OOP iframe DocAccessibleParent as child of embedder DocAccessibleParent M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1543298 Fission a11y: Expose COM proxy for embedded OOP iframe document on embedder BrowserBridgeChild M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1543307 Fission a11y: Expose COM proxy for embedded OOP iframe document as child of embedder OuterDocAccessible M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1543313 Fission a11y: Send embedder iframe as parent COM proxy for embedded OOP DocAccessibleChild M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1553706 Fission a11y: Fix IAccessible::accChild for OOP iframes M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1554831 Fission a11y: Fix HWND returned by accessibles in OOP iframes with window emulation M3 James Teh [:Jamie]
FIXED 1524232 Dispatch synthetic mouse moves via APZ [fission-event-m2] M3 Kartikaya Gupta (
WORKSFORME 1524989 Correctly target scroll events when overscrolling an out-of-process iframe [fission-event-m2] M3 Kartikaya Gupta (
FIXED 1533673 Make APZ tell chrome main thread the transforms for chrome to content coordinate spaces when GPU process is used [fission-event-m2] M3 Kartikaya Gupta (
FIXED 1540839 Preserve BrowsingContext across toplevel process switches M3 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE)
FIXED 1505909 [Fission] Make the context menu Fission-aware M3 Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️)
FIXED 1533949 [Fission] Make BrowserChild ready for Fission M3 Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️)
FIXED 1451455 Load event not fired on OOP iframes M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1549783 Ensure cached contexts come after non-cached ones in EnsureSubscribed M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1550613 JSWindowActor crashes when sending messages early in lifecycle for in-process actors M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1554280 Expose `IsProcessRoot` on Window Global Actors M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1554785 Limit webIsolated process count per-site to 1 M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1555382 Perma browser chrome browser_navigation_process_swap.js should load in a web-content process - "file" == "web" when Gecko 69 merges to Beta on 19-07-01 [stockwell needswork:owner] M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1555488 Wrong WindowProxy after process swap when preserving Browsing Contexts M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1555492 WindowGlobalParent::DocumentURI is sometimes wrong M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1555753 Automatically preserve Browsing Contexts in Fission windows. M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1556061 Add BrowsingContext::IsTopContent method M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1556483 Expose initial document bit on WindowGlobalParent M3 :Nika Layzell (busy - slow to reply)
FIXED 1443687 Using IFrame scrollbar on OOP IFrame can cause crash M3
WONTFIX 1524986 Request rerouting of keyboard events received after giving away focus (blur) [fission-event-m2] M3
WONTFIX 1524987 Content process should be able to take APZ focus without providing layers [fission-event-m2] M3
DUPLICATE 1529531 Request rerouting of pointer events targeted at an out-of-process iframe [fission-event-m2] M3
INVALID 1537680 APZ should perform mousemove hit testing and LayersId stamping in unfocused windows [fission-event-m2] M3
INVALID 1541728 toString on remote WindowProxy should be "[object Window]" not "[object Object]" M3
FIXED 1556657 SHistoryParent::RecvFindEntryForBFCache should fill in all its outparams M3 Peter Van der Beken [:peterv]
DUPLICATE 1518917 Consider maintaining a clipped area for OOP iframes M3 Ryan Hunt [:rhunt]
FIXED 1519546 Track visibility for OOP iframes and add infrastructure for clipping and scaling [gfx-noted] M3 Ryan Hunt [:rhunt]
DUPLICATE 1523668 Support screenshotting out of process iframes M3 Ryan Hunt [:rhunt]
FIXED 1525720 Fission: Enable/disable rendering of OOP iframes when switching tabs M3 Ryan Hunt [:rhunt]
FIXED 1556555 Handle getting the TabId for nsDisplayRemote when in a content process M3 Ryan Hunt [:rhunt]
FIXED 1527314 Expand Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy tests M3 Valentin Gosu [:valentin] (he/him)
FIXED 1533877 Write WPT tests for Cross-Origin header [necko-triaged][wptsync upstream] M3 Valentin Gosu [:valentin] (he/him)
FIXED 1554680 COOP 'unsafe-allow-outgoing' doesn't allow interacting with popups [necko-triaged] M3 Valentin Gosu [:valentin] (he/him)
FIXED 1555036 COOP: check browsing context's popup sandboxing flag M3 Valentin Gosu [:valentin] (he/him)
FIXED 1494796 Convert ThreadClient to protocol.js front dt-fission [devtools-backward-compat] M3 Yulia Startsev [:yulia]

62 Total; 62 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Role Name
Engineering Project Manager Ron Manning
Product Manager Kev Needham
Project Tech Lead Nika Layzell
Accessibility Lead James Teh
DevTools Engineering Manager Soledad Penadés
DevTools Engineering Alexandre Poirot
DevTools Engineering Yulia Startsev
DOM Engineering Manager Neha Kochar
DOM Engineering Kyle Machulis
DOM Engineering Peter Van Der Beken
DOM Engineering Andreas Farre
DOM Engineering Alphan Chen
DOM Engineering John Dai
DOM Engineering Henri Sivonen
DOM Consultant Ehsan Akhgari
FrontEnd Engineering Felipe Gomes
FrontEnd Engineering Mike Conley
Graphics Engineering Ryan Hunt
JS/WASM Security Consultant Luke Wagner
Memshrink Lead Eric Rahm
Memshrink Engineering Kris Maglione
Layout Lead Jonathan Watt
Media and WebRTC Lead Nils Ohlmeier
Necko Engineering Valentin Gosu
Necko Engineering Dragana Damjanovic
Office-of-CTO Consultant Boris Zbarsky
Security Lead Tom Ritter
Standards Lead Anne van Kesteren



Meetings: Thursdays 12pm Pacific, "Fission" Vidyo room

Find us on Slack

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