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BETA (101)

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When release management tracks a bug in Beta we are committed to follow through on it until it is resolved. Our goal is to land fixes in time to test them before the beta version of Firefox moves to the release channel. It's especially important to track regressions, topcrashes, critical and high priority security fixes, issues that will impact many users, and issues that affect new or highlighted features.

Tracked bugs

It's often useful to sort these by the last changed date, and go through the oldest first.

Full Query
ID Summary Keyword Status Resolution
1553878 Crash in [@ mozilla::jni::NativeStub<T>::Wrap<T>] (mozilla::a11y::SessionAccessibility) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1696771 Crash in [@ PLDHashTable::Search | mozilla::dom::BrowserParent::ActorDestroy] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1727995 Websocket cannot send data larger than 500 kilobytes No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1752655 Slack issues on session restore: custom font not loaded, sidebar with thread conversation broken or: "For some reason, Slack couldn’t load" No keyword ASSIGNED
1753874 Replying to a tiktok comment gives an error: couldn't post comment No keyword NEW
1760527 Use content signature instead of cert pinning for GMP updates on all channels No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1761182 Intermittent Assertion failure: mRawPtr, at /builds/worker/workspace/obj-build/dist/include/mozilla/StaticPtr.h:155 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1762273 Adjust thank you screen square-ish sizing with noodles, transitions, auto advance without showing Home No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1763022 Permanent Android(lint) /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/mobile/android/geckoview/src/main/java/org/mozilla/geckoview/ | Deprecated method should be removed. Expected removal version: 100 < current version: 101 (GV10) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763093 Crash in [@ OOM | unknown | SwitchToFiber] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763158 Perma /css/css-color-adjust/rendering/dark-color-scheme/svg-as-image.html | Testing http://web-platform.test:8000/css/css-color-adjust/rendering/dark-color-scheme/svg-as-image.html == when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-02 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1763368 Misplaced Bengali letters since HarfBuzz update No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763396 Perma layout/base/tests/chrome/test_color_scheme_browser.xhtml | dynamic-test: remote should be light - got "dark", expected "light" when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-02 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1763526 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 102: serviceworker.r* before Gecko version increases to 102 on 2022-05-02 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763527 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 102: OPAQUE_RESPONSE_BLOCKING* before Gecko version increases to 102 on 2022-05-02 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763622 Perma services/common/tests/unit/test_uptake_telemetry.js | xpcshell return code: 0 | | test_each_status_can_be_caught_in_snapshot - [test_each_status_can_be_caught_in_snapshot : 66] when Gecko 100 merges to release on 2022-04-25 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763805 Crash in [@ java.lang.ClassCastException: at org.mozilla.gecko.util.GeckoBundle.getString(] when entering credit card details No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1763832 Discord broken: Chromium users can't see&hear me talk No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764222 Assertion failure: !aGCThing, at src/xpcom/base/CycleCollectedJSRuntime.cpp:1531 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764238 - Typing the second letter duplicates the first letter in Hebrew language No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1764282 Crash in [@ mozilla::AOMDecoder::WriteAV1CBox] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1764312 Long startup time until main window appears No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1764334 Perma Late Beta /css/css-contain/container-queries/style-change-in-container.html | Basic test for container query evaluation stability - Window.getComputedStyle: Argument 1 does not implement ... when Gecko 101 switches to Late Beta on 2022-05-13 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764336 Perma browser/base/content/test/static/browser_all_files_referenced.js | there should be no unreferenced files - Got 1, expected +0 when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-02 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764602 Swipe to navigate arrows flicker No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1764875 - CSS transform is blurry No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764902 Perma Late beta builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/layout/base/PresShell.cpp:783:7: error: member initializer 'mAllocatedPointers' does not name a non-static data member or base class when Gecko 101 switches to Late Beta on 2022-05-13 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764922 Perma Late Beta /html/dom/idlharness.https.html?include=HTML.* | HTMLElement interface: attribute inert - assert_true: The prototype object must have a property "inert" expected true got false when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-13 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1764947 Can't run mochitests on Windows - AssertionError - assert pathAbs.startswith(self.testRootAbs) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1765393 Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::~MessageChannel | mozilla::PProcessHangMonitorChild::~PProcessHangMonitorChild] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1765423 Tooltips now have yellow background instead of white No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1765461 Perma [tier 2] java.lang.SecurityException: Package org.mozilla.fenix has not requested permission android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1765504 Perma [tier2] /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/testing/tools/screenshot/gdk-screenshot.cpp:65:19: error: unused function 'get_screenshot_dbus' [-Werror,-Wunused-function] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1765524 MacOS menu bar has extra apple icon while PiP window is in focus No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1765713 High CPU usage and freeze when tooltip outside of screen No keyword RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1765776 Crash in [@ mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::ipc::IProtocol::HandleFatalError | IPC::ParamTraits<nsTArray<T> >::Read], [@ mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::ipc::IProtocol::HandleFatalError | IPC::ParamTraits<mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor>::Read] No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1765981 Perma TEST-UNEXPECTED-ERROR | /web-locks/partitioned-web-locks.tentative.https.html | expected OK when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-02 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1765987 Perma TEST-UNEXPECTED-ERROR | /document-policy/reporting/sync-script-reporting.html | ReferenceError: ReportingObserver is not defined when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-02 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1766031 Player window doesn't respond to keyboard input when a non Firefox window has focus. No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1766127 Page loads failing intermittently with black screen No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1766223 Clear cookies and site data exception for subdomains no longer works in container tabs No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1766395 Calendar input form is opened twice No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1766592 The "Focus Promo" message is wrongly displayed on the fist opened tab after it was dismissed No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1766684 Twitter animations flash green visual artifacts when looping with SWGL No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1766901 Scrape symbols from Ubuntu snap builds No keyword NEW
1766909 ObservableArray constructable stylesheets breaks Dark Reader add-on (Error: Accessing from Xray wrapper is not supported.) No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1766912 Incoming bookmarks without a title cause sync to fail No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1767048 Perma awsy/ TestMemoryUsage.test_open_tabs | AssertionError: heap-unclassified was negative: -161304 when Gecko 101 merges to Beta on 2022-05-02 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767118 Perma [tier 2] /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/dom/media/platforms/wmf/WMFUtils.cpp:9:10: fatal error: 'Mfidl.h' file not found No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1767128 Web content painted black all when I type something with software keyboard whose height changed a lot while typing text, on Galaxy Tab S8+ (GPU process) No keyword ASSIGNED
1767266 [Experiment] A validation error is displayed in the "Browser Console" when trying to enroll in the "pref-flip-staged-rollout-total-cookie-protection-by-default" experiment No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767367 Fix inverted useDownloadDir pref in about:preferences No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767415 Add telemetry for tcpByDefault Nimbus feature No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1767434 Library window is not scrolled and focused onto the selected bookmark when sorting is used after landing patch from bug #1471546 No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767464 PiP subtitles in Firefox 100 only work if I change a pref value to true in about:config No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767508 Exclude enterprise clients which set cookie behavior for tcpByDefault Nimbus feature No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1767516 Subtitles on Netflix are duplicated on all platforms No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767618 [about:welcome] A blank area is displayed in the top right corner of the page when the browser is horizontally resized to 25% No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1767993 startup Crash in [@ qipcap64.dll] (Forcepoint) No keyword NEW
1767999 Re-enable Win32k Lockdown by Default No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1768197 Crash in [@ gfxPlatform::FallbackFromAcceleration] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1768397 GPU Process hang and crash when browsing in Nightly with Radeon No keyword NEW
1768529 Exclude URLs with the AMP query parameter from appearing as tiles on the new tab page No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1768533 Use the finalized query parameter when excluding AMP URLs from appearing as tiles on the new tab page No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1768574 [Bug]: clicking on web notification makes fenix crash No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1768818 The subtitles aren't displayed in PiP on Netflix No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1768903 Cursor gets hidden when executing various keyboard shortcuts No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1769058 Periodic update permafailures due to failure parsing Chrome certificate file during HPKP update No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1769081 windows 7 can't verify installers signed since March 29, 2022 No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1769762 Override navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes for TikTok No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1769771 Dev Edition is not showing ShadowDOM stylesheet in the devtools anymore No keyword VERIFIED FIXED
1769807 Crash in [@ nsObserverService::AddObserver] No keyword RESOLVED FIXED
1769811 Broken Chinese/Japanese fonts with win32k Lockdown enabled No keyword NEW
1770870 Exclude history URLs with the AMP query parameter from appearing in urlbar results No keyword VERIFIED FIXED

74 Total; 7 Open (9.46%); 34 Resolved (45.95%); 33 Verified (44.59%);

Tracking nominations

Bugs nominated (by anyone) for tracking. These need frequent triage. It's good to mark which versions are affected and unaffected. If you can't easily tell from the comments, ask for QA help.

Tracking nominations: (current query)

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
1771485 Look into fission extraOption issues on Fenix NEW

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Security tracking noms