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Nightly (98)


When release management tracks a bug in Nightly we are committed to follow through on it until it is resolved.

Tracked bugs

It's often useful to sort these by the last changed date, and go through the oldest first.

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
1651096 Crash in [@ java.lang.IllegalStateException: at mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.GeckoEngineView$currentGeckoView$1.onAttachedToWindow(GeckoEngineView.kt:5)] NEW
1733536 Enable <dialog> element by default RESOLVED FIXED
1743671 Crash in [@ mozilla::DOMEventTargetHelper::AddRef | mozilla::dom::AutoEntryScript::AutoEntryScript], [@ mozilla::DOMEventTargetHelper::AddRef | mozilla::dom::WorkerGlobalScope::AddRef ] NEW
1746795 Flag emojis and others are displayed in double the size on Windows 10 using Firefox Nightly VERIFIED FIXED
1748577 Cannot delete a product from "Your List" on if network.cookie.sameSite.laxByDefault= true [necko-triaged] NEW
1748693 Cookie without Secure attribute not sent over HTTP when set from HTTPS page [necko-triaged] ASSIGNED
1749281 Crash in [@ mozilla::AudioInputProcessing::PacketizeAndProcess] NEW
1749497 Perma Late Beta Assertion failure: mSource == source (String was replaced!), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/xpcom/io/nsStringStream.cpp when Gecko 97 switches to Late Beta on 2022-01-21 VERIFIED FIXED
1749501 "Use system proxy settings" no longer uses all defined exceptions [necko-triaged] VERIFIED FIXED
1749503 Perma DIALOG failures e.g. element-request-fullscreen-dialog.html | Element#requestFullscreen() for dialog element - expected FAIL when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-07 [stockwell needswork:owner][stockwell needswork:owner] VERIFIED FIXED
1749522 Plain text tokenized as HTML upon encoding rewind VERIFIED FIXED
1749633 macOS Crash in [@ PLDHashTable::Iterator::Iterator | mozilla::a11y::DocAccessibleWrap::ProcessNewLiveRegions] NEW
1749745 If compositor is initialized without valid Surface on Android then nothing gets rendered subsequently RESOLVED FIXED
1749790 Underruns on macOS when doing calls ASSIGNED
1749878 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 99: addonsManager.* [probe-expiry-alert] ASSIGNED
1749882 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 99: PWMGR_IMPORT_LOGINS_FROM_FILE_* [probe-expiry-alert] RESOLVED FIXED
1749883 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 99: PWMGR_IMPORT_LOGINS_FROM_FILE_JANK_MS [probe-expiry-alert] RESOLVED FIXED
1749887 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 99: startup.profile_selection_reason [probe-expiry-alert] NEW
1749957 `content-length` is not properly parsed when using viaduct over HTTP3 RESOLVED FIXED
1749994 Perma Android UNEXPECTED-PASS | /mediacapture-record/MediaRecorder-peerconnection-no-sink.https.html | MediaRecorder records from PeerConnection without sinks, {"video":{}} - expected TIMEOUT when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-07 VERIFIED FIXED
1750042 Local file links download file instead of opening linked location [fidefe-mr11-downloads] VERIFIED FIXED
1750056 Consume the buffer in ReadSegments if we're not going to keep reading. RESOLVED FIXED
1750152 Bing settings no longer persistent when changed, only in Firefox [necko-triaged] RESOLVED FIXED
1750181 Perma Late Beta gmake[4]: *** [/builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/config/ Unified_cpp_widget_windows1.obj] Error 1 when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-07 VERIFIED FIXED
1750221 Blocked about pages in policy can be bypassed by modifying the URL with mixed case RESOLVED FIXED
1750251 Perma Late-Beta macOS spi-nw TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | security/manager/ssl/tests/unit/test_cert_chains.js | Test timed out - when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-18 VERIFIED FIXED
1750282 Crackling/static sound randomly heard while playing audio on Soundcloud ASSIGNED
1750295 Perma toolkit/components/featuregates/test/unit/test_FeatureGate.js | testAllDefaultsMatchSettings - [testAllDefaultsMatchSettings : 440] Feature network.cookie.sameSite.schemeful should match runtime value. - true == false RESOLVED FIXED
1750296 Perma /cookies/schemeful-same-site/schemeful-navigation.tentative.html | Navigate cross-scheme - assert_not_equals: SameSite=strict cookies cannot be sent to cross-scheme navigations got disallowed value "0.4338496722955565" RESOLVED FIXED
1750517 use conservative, robust communication for update check to prevent broken updater in builds with issues NEW
1750810 Disable AudioIPC rework on Linux until known issues are resolved RESOLVED FIXED
1750930 Indirect stubs code has quadratic table insertion time (was: Thread pool issue in emscripten web application) REOPENED
1750968 Perma TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/featuregates/test/unit/test_FeatureGate.js | testAllDefaultsMatchSettings - [testAllDefaultsMatchSettings : 440] Feature devtools.inspector.compatibility.enabled when Gecko 98 merges to Beta VERIFIED FIXED
1750972 Re-enable schemeful samesite [necko-triaged] NEW
1750973 [Fission] TikTok videos not opening from user profiles NEW
1751189 Perma browser/extensions/pictureinpicture/tests/browser/browser_mock_wrapper.js | Test timed out when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-07 VERIFIED FIXED
1751214 Perma devtools/shared/commands/resource/tests/browser_resources_network_events_parent_process.js | Uncaught exception - at devtools/client/shared/test/shared-head.js:1018 - Error: Failed waitFor() when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-07 [retriggered][stockwell needswork:owner] VERIFIED FIXED
1751351 When restoring from minimized mode by clicking the Taskbutton, the browser size is not restored correctly. NEW
1751360 When restoring from minimized mode by clicking the Taskbutton, Unnecessary Titlebar(window caption bar) appears. ASSIGNED
1751435 Put sameSite=lax, sameSite noneRequiresSecure, and sameSite schemeful behind the early beta flag [necko-triaged] RESOLVED FIXED
1751569 Perma macOS DevEdition devtools/client/inspector/rules/test/browser_rules_gridline-names-autocomplete.js | Correct value is autocompleted - Got "inherit", expected "" - when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-07 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1751761 HSTS update script broken on m-c with "Could not convert JavaScript argument" JavaScript exception RESOLVED FIXED
1751859 Crash in [@ mozilla::VideoFramePool::ReleaseUnusedVAAPIFrames] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1751913 Perma REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | dom/media/test/reftest/color_quads/720p.png.bt709.bt709.pc.yuv420p.vp9.webm == dom/media/test/reftest/color_quads/720p.png | image comparison, max difference: 38, when Gecko 98 merges to Beta on 2022-02-18 NEW
1751965 use-after-poison in [@ mozilla::RDL::ClearPreviousItems] ASSIGNED
1752265 LSNG: Empty values can't be persisted NEW
1752282 Crash in [@ mozilla::VideoFrameSurfaceVAAPI::ReleaseVAAPIData] REOPENED
1752345 Make AudioStream.cpp real-time safe on macOS NEW

48 Total; 21 Open (43.75%); 15 Resolved (31.25%); 12 Verified (25%);

Tracking nominations

Bugs nominated (by anyone) for tracking. These need frequent triage. It's good to mark which versions are affected and unaffected. If you can't easily tell from the comments, ask for QA help.

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
1752113 Add testing with Wayland on Linux NEW
1752438 mach Don't know how to determine file URL for non-githubrepo VERIFIED DUPLICATE

2 Total; 1 Open (50%); 0 Resolved (0%); 1 Verified (50%);

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