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How to request a user group change

What are user groups and why would I want to change mine?

User groups are the way in which additional MozillaWiki abilities are given to users. Example abilities include: deleting a page, marking and edit as patrolled, blocking users, etc. Most MozillaWiki users will never need to change their user group as confirmed users have sufficient abilities for day-to-day activity. If you're wanting to get move involved in MozillaWiki by helping to fight spam, for example, you could request a change to your user groups.

What are the current user groups?

You can see a list of the current user groups along with their associated rights on Special:ListGroupRights. Most users, if requesting to be added to additional groups, will be interested in:

Criteria for adding users to groups

We're still working on the criteria for approving user group rights changes.

In general, for us to approve a user group change that grants additional MozillaWiki rights, the following must be met:

  • user has an established history of good quality edits on MozillaWiki
  • user has demonstrated good judgement throughout their interactions on MozillaWiki
  • user has experience with mediawiki-based wikis and understand how MozillaWiki implements mediawiki
  • user commits to using their additional rights to help improve MozillaWiki

Additionally, users should understand that user group membership is not a status symbol. Mozilla Staff are not granted additional MozillaWiki rights by default, nor are long time contributors.

Revoking user group rights

If we notice that a user is using rights conferred by their user group membership in appropriately, we may revoke with or without warning.

Inappropriate actions include:

  • deleting valid content
  • blocking users who are not spammers
  • making poor edits
  • acting against Mozilla's participation guidelines

Additionally, we may, from time to time, audit user group rights and remove groups from users who have left the project or who are otherwise not using their abilities.

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